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Message d'origine

Titre : Family problems
Auteur : shaked
Date :14/10/2009 08:46
Oxy-gen doesn't seem to be able to read the FAM records in my .ged file. (it does read my INDI records). The data is from my own software but I see the same problem using an external test file.

It also ignores FAMC elements in the INDI records - I use these to link the person to his parents.

Here is a short data extract in case it is clear what the problem is.

0 @1694@ INDI
1 NAME Mike /Dolan/
2 DATE Sep 1964
2 PLAC London
1 FAMC @1153@
0 @1008@ FAM
1 HUSB @1230@
1 WIFE @1231@
0 @49@ FAM
2 DATE 01 Jan 1937
2 PLAC Bolton
1 HUSB @135@
1 WIFE @556@
0 @50@ FAM
1 HUSB @138@
1 WIFE @137@

Does it matter that I list all the INDI records first and then the FAM records? Does it need to be in any order or proximity ?

I am using the SQL/Oracle mode and my family.sql file just has the one entry in it:

INSERT INTO family VALUES(seq_family.nexval,'K:\ft\SQL\GEDImportExport\test.ged');

Because the FAM records are not read, I have also noticed that the family tree fails in HTML mode - there is no asc.html produced.

I am not sure if this stems from my lack of GEDCOM knowledge in producing the .ged file, or if there is some sort of Oxy-Gen issue or data inconsistency ?

WHat I can see of the Oxy-Gen program is very useful and interesting. I am looking forward to seeing family data in there soon.

Hope someone can help. Thank you.


Titre : Family Problems resolved
Auteur : shaked
Date :18/10/2009 18:59
I have now managed to resolve my earlier problem.

Firstly Oxy-gen puts the child-parent-linkage directly in the INDIVIDUALS table, the FAMILY table does just contain the pointer to the file containing the family data.

Secondly it does appear to use the CHIL sub-record in the FAM record and not FAMC sub-records in the INDI record to link children to parents.

Now I can load the data and when I generate the HTML the tree display is available.

Titre : find
Auteur :
Date :06/11/2009 15:43
im'm Irzun Vladimir/
i whant to find my relatives!!!

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Message suivant : téléchargement impossible

Message précédent : fusion de fichiers gedcom

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