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Titre : HTML Media is magnified to maximum
Auteur : Rick
Date :06/05/2023 20:29
1.40v HTML generation

When clicking on a person that has media, and the media itself is not selected, the previewed image seems to be at maximum magnification. Clicking on the media presents normal magnification and all is well.

This was ok in 1.40i

Can anyone venture to guess as to why this occurs? Is there a setting that was missed?


Titre : 1.40v HTML Update
Auteur : Rick Drolet
Date :09/05/2023 16:46
Generate picture seems to be at fault.

Found the setting that seems to cause this: "Documents/Generate picture in thumbnail format" was ON.

Turning this option OFF displays all of the documents without the extreme magnification, but ALL of the pics are displayed, even when the "Documents/Display pictures in family" trees is OFF.

Tried the 32bit version, also same results.

Also, where did the "Options" page go?

Titre :
Auteur : xcn
Date :16/05/2023 20:01
Also, where did the "Options" page go?
. Preferences, places and debug files in the C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\oxy-gen folder

Titre : HTML Media is magnified to maximum
Auteur : Rick Drolet
Date :17/05/2023 22:58
Thank you for the answer.

The C:\Users\Rick\AppData\Roaming\oxy-gen - Folder is empty. Is there another area for this?

Titre : Options page
Auteur : Rick Drolet
Date :17/05/2023 23:17
In the registry Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\OxyGen OptionPage 1 & OptionsRegistry 1

So it seems the registry thinks ok. Suggestions?

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