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Last update of the software :
August 26 2023 : Version 1.41c
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Change Log :

Detailed history of changes and bug fixes

What's new in 1.41 (8/6/2023)

. Updated map of Spain with a higher quality version.
. Added maps of Spain zones.
. Added UK map.
. Added maps of Czech Republic (countries and regions).
. PHP: Addition of maps of departments with the names of cities that are displayed on mouseover.
. PHP: Adding images to individual forms.
. PHP, CSV, HTML and HTML/Javascript: Ability to export in UTF-8
. Added Catalan translation
. Conversion of location files (countries, zones and cities) to "json" files for better handling of special characters (UTF-8).
. CSV: Added all columns to display all information used in the GEDCOM

What's new in 1.40 (6/1/2019)

. Added a message and a button for update check in the home screen.
. New maps and data of Great Britain (thanks to Michael Behrend).
. 7 maps of the States of America replaced with better quality.
. Added French Alegie map.
. Maps of the provinces of the Netherlands added.
. HTML: Add video display in documents.
. HTML: Addition of the list of events present in the GEDCOM in the statistics page.
. HTML: Sorting names by dates in search results and in the index of people by names.
. HTML: Add birth and death dates to search page results.
. HTML: Notes and sources added in the search page.
. Excel: Added a column displaying grades.
. Excel: Added a column displaying page counts.
. Excel: Addition of columns on the events specified in the GEDCOM.
. PHP: Support for MySQL version 4.7.9.
. PHP: Optimization of database loading with index management.
. GEDCOM->CSV: Added csv to gedcom transformation format.

What's new in 1.39 (11/12/2015)

. New maps of the Netherlands.
. New maps of areas of Belgium.
. Cities in England.
. Cities and maps of Switzerland.
. Maps "Lander" the German.
. Satellite map of Germany.
. Postal Codes (PLZ) added the German cities.
. HD version and more to download with maps of French departments with better resolution.
. HTML : Can choose the color display texts
events. . HTML : Individual sheet: Added option to display (or not) places children.
. HTML : Individual form: Improved family displays information when there is a wedding.
. HTML : Gallery page pictures.
. HTML : Storing pictures automatically to the directory specified in the gedcom. you must check the "Set the documents in a subdirectory" in the Documents section of the Options panel.
. HTML : Displaying the most complete address of the author in the main page.
. PHP : Consideration of baptisms dates of birth if the dates are not specified.
. PHP : display of all events in the individual record.
. PHP : Evolution of code for not warning of the PHP Version 5.3.
. PHP : display nickname in the Individual and the list of names.
. PHP : Viewing dates in selected languages ??
. . XLS : Option panel opens during the conversion in order to change settings.
. XLS : Spouse ID information in the wedding event.
. XLS : Possibility to choose the date format in the options panel.
. XLS : Option in addition to generate only a single file.
. XLS : Option to display the column headings.
. XLS : Cutting Event file if there is more than one million lines.
. XLS : Option to display the first day or month of a date if it is not known.
. XLS : Adding family names in the file individuals.
. Adding an interface to find the individuals in group shots.
. Keywords EITHER and OR are included in the descriptions of the dates.

What's new in 1.38 (5/6/2010) . Portuguese Translation.
. Turkish Translations.
. Ireland map.
. Turkey map.
. Mexico map.
. Maps of cities and provinces of Canada.
. Maps of cities and provinces of Poland.
. Maps of country, cities and provinces of Portugal.
. HTML : Option to add directives in the BODY tag.
. HTML : Weddings sorted in chronological order in the individual records.
. HTML : Ability to include tags in the party HEAD of pages. Add the text file containing the tags in the panel options-> HTML-> miscellaneous.
. HTML : Option to put only acts (not photos) pages in the document.
. HTML : Parents ages in individual sheets.
. HTML : Links to the files of individuals and their tree in the photo page.
. HTML : Ability to change the colors (birth, deaths and marriage) in events tables by places and dates.
. HTML : Links to sources and documents in events tables (preference to select in the option panel).
. HTML : Links in offspring tables to browse trees without returning individual records.
. HTML : Possibility to create a theme in the skin and then select the directory in the "Home" options panel.
. HTML : Problem generation of individuals sheets with option "one individual per page".
. HTML : In chronological index: The dates of batptèmes are taken into account if the birth dates are missing.
. PHP/HTML : Can choose the type of display places (in the options page places).
. PHP : Possibility to change language on every page generated.
. PHP : New search page.
. PHP : Ability to create themes by creating CSS files. Possibility of choosing the Admin menu.
. PHP : Contemporary filtering (page filtering.php in the admin menu) and public access / private. Thank you to Christophe for these developments.
. PHP : Evolution statistics pages and adding lists of progeny and ancestries
. EXCEL : Surname in the file individuals.

What's new in 1.37 (9/4/2007)

. Algeria map added.
. Tcheque Repubique map added.
. Second map added for France and United-States.
. Link to in the cities list page.
. Video added for maps.
. Several maps can be displayed for each country.
. Adoptive parents displayed.
. photographs added in the ascendency tree.
. A lot of French cities placement corrected in the map.
. Evolutions and bugs fixed in the PHP generated pages. Thanks to Christophe.
. Link in the main page to download the Gedcom.
. Pictures in JPEG format to save disk space.
. Tables names begin with oxg_ in the PHP generation.
. Some bugs fixed.
. Optimizations have been added.

What's new in 1.36 (2/4/2006)

. Links to individuals added in sources list.
. Display maps of the zones. For Belgium, France and Argentina.
. Colors of background and text of HTML generated pages and cities can be modified.
. Sosa number 1 read for the Parentèle software.
. Croatian map added.
. Spain map added.
. Argentina map added.
. Ukrainian map added.
. Management of several families in PHP generation.
. Optimization and design amelioration of the loading of the pages in PHP version.
. Bug fixed when merging several gedcom files to HTML.
. Source info file added in Access generation format.
. Email Crypted in the generated HTML main page.
. HTML version : clickable links in sources and notes.
. Longitutes and latitudes information added in the Acces export.

What's new in 1.35 (1/10/2005)

. Deutsch language added
. Spanish language added
. Croatian language added
. World map
. Flags of the countries
. UTF-8 charset support.
. Marriage witness displayed.
. history_*.txt added to display countries or world events in date index.
. Option to display nickname between name and firstname.
. Option to invert name and firstname.

What's new in 1.34 (16/06/2005)

. Descendancy tables
. Chronogrammes
. Maps in PNG format with city display
. Austria map
. Russian translation
. Oracle generation
. Option to generate light or detailled HTML website
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