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August 29 2021 : Version 1.40p
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AuthorTitleNumber of answersDate of the last message
William B.Conversion to CSV Contains No ADDR Info129/08/2021 18:31
Gary RaymondMilitary Error129/08/2021 18:32
Alain BonnetNouvelle version PHP229/08/2021 18:33
Frank W.multiple marriages not reflected in trees121/03/2021 07:46
Frank W.Depth of the Trees (Ancestry/Descendancy)121/03/2021 07:58
VKabout "Hanging Generation"016/01/2021 15:51
Andreas WienekeNo pages are generated, just rgister014/01/2021 16:05
Lori MillerPartner ID Missing in 1.40j?003/01/2021 02:43
VK1.40j hangs during conversion316/01/2021 15:33
Winfried Stangwald016/11/2020 10:19
Greg GriswoldCustom tags from Ancestry122/11/2020 16:46
VK1.40i hangs during conversion023/10/2020 16:53
Rick Drolet1.40i crashes129/11/2020 12:04
Rick DroletHTML Conversion hang at 64%203/10/2020 09:03
Rick Drolet1.40h crashes early W10 - 140g ok203/10/2020 09:04
Oxy-Gen 140g103/10/2020 09:06
VKOXG_Partner missing after conversion to CSV307/02/2021 13:48
Rick DroletSetup a Relative Output path for HTML110/12/2019 20:56
Gareth WilliamsNo htm or index.html generated024/10/2019 15:17
Lori MillerResidence Locations002/07/2019 23:24
Volker Kcrash after install v. 1.40a214/06/2019 10:32
Kori KruseOracle SQL106/06/2019 18:34
Leif SommerdalMisisng Census013/01/2019 16:45
SandraHow to contact Oxy-Gen developer?112/11/2018 06:58
AnilIssue with setting up php/mysql317/11/2018 14:05
Winfried StangwaldPorträtfotos einfügen010/11/2018 14:42
AdrianRemoving individuals014/10/2018 20:04
Sandrawonderful - can be added new columns?127/10/2018 06:07
David DeWaldSurnames with spaces bug024/09/2018 15:42
CHTSaving original GEDOM field names027/06/2018 12:57

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