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Titre : Conversion to CSV Contains No ADDR Info
Auteur : William B.
Date :01/07/2021 14:53
I used Oxy-Gen to convert from GEDCOM to CSV. I end up with 140 fields (to Column EJ when opened in Excel). Many of these columns are empty except for the header. There is no column for any address data (ADDR in the GEDCOM file), although the GEDCOM definitely contains some.

I tried selecting and deselecting various types of data by highlighting various items in the list in Options>General>GedCom settings -- including making sure ADDR was highlighted -- but this made no difference. The online manual says about this, "The list presents all information which can be contained in a GedCom file. It is possible to decontaminate the posting of one of this information as for example the modification which is not posted by default." ??

I also tried moving some of the items in the Options>Excel/Access settings (which appears to be all you can do there, but again, no difference. The online manual gives no instruction for the Excel/Access settings.

I would appreciate any help you can give.


Titre : Conversion to CSV Contains No ADDR Info
Auteur : Oxy-Gen
Date :29/08/2021 18:31
This bugs are fixed in the 1.40p version since 8/29/2021

Titre : 1.40v - CSV date format YYYY/MM/DD does not work properly when day is missing
Auteur : TheDutchJewel
Date :03/09/2022 08:56
Just tried the latest version (1.40v) of oxy-gen. When converting a GEDCOM to CSV I run into a problem.

When converting to CSV, the date format YYYY/MM/DD is not followed properly if only the month and year are known. "AUG 1902" then becomes "1902-??-08" for example when it should be 1902-08-??. The other two date formats (DD/MM/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY) do work correctly.

Can this be solved?

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